World Tour Video – Segment 3 – About A Mermaid

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Howdy Partners. I finally got some time to sit down and put another video together of the tour. It couldn’t come at a better time too. This tour has been one of the most amazing things I have ever had the chance to do, but it has been long days, little to no sleep and the most public transportation use I have ever done. Really, I had no idea that we would be spending this much time on trains, planes and automobiles. No complaints from this side of the pond though. As you can see in the video we are still managing to capture enough excitement to tie us over at each stop.
My laptop has taken a massive beating on this trip and now it won’t turn on unless I have it plugged in. Not all that stoked on this. Now so much has happened since the last video I uploaded and without enough outlet available time to edit I decided for this video to go with a collage of super fast moving random clips moving in sync with my mermaid song. It’s been mad fun to take on the video editing when I get the time to hash through the mounds of video we have.
Camera man Joe Hendrickson bought a new super sick camera while we were in Amsterdam after his broke on the plane ride over here from America. This is the first video with footage from him back in his element with some pretty stellar pro gear. I don’t know much about that stuff but it looks pretty frickin sweet.
As for now, were back in Glasgow Scotland. I’m playing one of the bigger venues here in town tonight and then tomorrow were off to Edinburgh for two days playing at their huge ass summer arts festival. People describe it as though you literally can not walk in the streets there are so many people. So Stoked. Cheers for now mates. Pour one out for Vikings…

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Joseph Hendrickson is Head Cinematographer for World Tour

Cinematographer Joseph Hendrickson is super stoked to be filming a rock doc on the Leyva & Taylor Brown split personality world tour. Joseph’s company Out On A Limb Films LLC has produced and shot a documentary on world renowned treehouse architect Roderick Romero called “Architect To The Sky” and has also provided cinematography for the doc “American Street Kid” which follows the lives of homeless street kids in LA. Check out the trailer..

When asked about the tour Joseph replied “I love this type of filmmaking because you just never know what’ll happen, and it’s those unexpected moments that breathe life into documentaries”.

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Philip Manning hooks up tour artwork with Osiris Shoes

Check out this sick ass artwork Philip Manning did for our world tour. The design will be printed and hosted by Osiris. I’m so stoked. Philip makes other super sick t-shirts you can find if you go to . I’m rocking one right now. Legit

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BCG World Tour Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        Black Cherry Music Group
July 1, 2010                                                                     



Split Personality Tour


Singer-Songwriters Embark on Ten Nation Tour

Tour to be Filmed for Documentary, New Music Released
San Diego: Teaming two up and coming singer-songwriters, San Diego based Christopher Leyva and Montana’s Taylor Brown, the Split Personality tour will take in ten countries in nine months, with multiple cities in each. Opening in Scotland on August 8 and ending in April 2011 with a run of shows in Japan, the tour will also stop in to England, France, Sweden, Mexico, Finland, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Australia and the U.S. ( NY,CH,LV,LA and more)

A true collaboration, Leyva and Brown will team up in performance with Brown playing his own material and providing backing for both perfomers with live lead electric guitar ,piano and live loops of drums and accompaniements – no prerecorded tracks.

Fans will be able to follow the duo’s exploits via a daily web blog, with a film maker on hand to document the journey from start to finish. Two albums will be released to coincide with this tour. Leyva’s “Black and Gold” his third solo effort, available at all the usual places online and in stores, is an ambitious double album, featuring a disc of pop material and a second disc of instrumentals. Leyva and Brown will also release a limited edition covers album, with songs from Ryan Adams, Oasis, Beatles, Leonard Cohen,Michael jackson and many more, available exclusively at their shows.

Though classified as singer songwriters, due to the occasional sighting of an acoustic guitar, what Brown and Leyva create is classic pop and rock, recast for the modern era. If you like music that’s strong on hooks and melodies, guitars and voices plus mixes with the new world of edgy electronics, The Split Personality tour should not be missed.

For Further Information /
Press or Booking Inquiries: tour

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Split Personality World Tour Poster

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Black Cherry Group World Tour

Based in and part of the vibrant San Diego, California music scene, Black Cherry Group has affiliates throughout North America, with representatives in Mexico, Los Angeles,New York,London and Australia. Though Leyva is often the most visible part of Black Cherry Group, the company actually has a list of staff and advisors that numbers over two dozen music professionals. Key to proceedings is Ryan Cullum who wears several hats, starting with Operations Manager. But just about everything an artist could need, from producers to photographers, session players, brand marketing to CD replicators, is here.

Black Cherry Group regularly books concerts at The House of Blues, The Knitting Factory, 4th & B, The Stage and The Viper Room. Black Cherry Group works closely with many other companies, including KPRI-FM, 91X-FM, MTV, Univision, The San Diego Music Foundation, Walk The Walk (Promoters), Dickies Clothing, Taylor Guitars, Sprint, Blindspot Records, Osiris Shoes and Shi Symbol.

Visit Black Cherry Group for more Information…

Latest News

  • AUG 8-29THLeyva and Taylor Brown
    WORLD TOUR CD RELEASE: Europe dates coming soon

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